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Water Tank Cleaning


Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All known forms of life depend on water. An average person requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking and sanitation. Contaminated or dirty water is a very severe health hazard. Water tanks are vulnerable for the spread of disease, as numerous types of bacteria, such as the potentially fatal Legionella or E-Coli or Vibrio Cholera, proliferates in stagnant conditions. Viruses, bacteria, algae, fungi, mould, mildew, Giardia, Cryptosporidia, amoebic cysts, microscopic worms, larvae and other organisms are not the only contaminants found in water tanks. Physical water contaminants normally include sand, dust, rust, insects, etc, and they also serve as sources or havens for microbial contamination. Chemical contaminants can be found in newly installed or water tanks with poor quality material, building paint, pesticides used in the building and its storage, Cyanotoxins (toxins produced by cyanobacteria), cleaning chemicals or disinfectants or sanitizers or DBPs (Disinfection By-Products) and decaying biological wastes.

AFFORDABLE Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Service provides detailed planning, advanced technology, safety protocols and on-site process control in accordance with local and international regulations and standards. Our water tank cleaning services are approved and certified by Dubai Municipality.

Water Tanks We Handle

  • Polyurethane Tanks
  • Moulded Fiberglass Tanks
  • Single Panel GRP Tanks
  • Multi-Panel GRP Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks

AFFORDABLE Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures


The tank and its fittings will be checked and documented.


The site and personnel will be prepared for the service.

Tank Cleaning

Dirt, sand and sludge will be washed out

Tank Disinfection

A solution of water and disinfectant will be used for the entire system. Water Sampling After Cleaning & Disinfection Water samples will be collected and sent to Dubai Central Laboratory for testing.


A report will be provided to the customer and to local authorities.

Water Sample Tests are done at Dubai Central Laboratory, for total bacteria count, pH, etc.


Before Treatment


After Treatment